Kang, Young Jun

Korean Ceramicist

Kang, Young - Jun is a traveller to beauty.
Kang, Young Jun

Kang, Young-Jun is a potter that expresses nature. His way of working is reinterpreting the format of Korean Buncheong dish-wares. Korean ceramics express freedom and resemble nature. Korean Buncheong ware bowls are represented by white clay slips on yellow soil containing iron. Porcelains that are made centuries ago do not have a clear form or definite lines, but they are expressed with natural freedom.

He has followed that philosophy and reinterpreted it in my current work. He believes this is nature and truly expresses freedom. His work applies a technique called Buncheong in Korea. Apply white porcelain soil to black soil, draw, and carve with a sharp tool. Remove the sculpted picture and scratch the rest of it naturally. Another painting is how you apply white porcelain slips on black soil. It expresses the texture of the sea, sky, ground, and wind.

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