Yi-Po, Chou

Taiwanese Ceramicist

Yi-Po records his life by making pottery.
Yi-Po, Chou

Yi-Po creates his work by internalising the world around him. Creation for Yi-Po is not unvarying, rather, it changes along with life as he experiences it. Customarily, he uses geometric patterns and ordered arrangements as creative concepts; he combines different materials to make practical, multi-textured ceramics – these are the main axes of his creative output, all of which aim to give people an aesthetic experience simply by touching his works.

Yi-Po masks the areas where there is no need for a glaze in order to preserve as much as possible the original effect of the fired clay. He strives to understand and make use of the local clays of Tainan, Taiwan before blending them together, in order to create the best possible textures for the users of his works.

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