Wei-cheng, Tai

Taiwanese Ceramicist

Wei-cheng is a free spirit who is always thinking outside the norm in a playful way. 
Wei-cheng, Tai

Wei-cheng painstakingly shapes Taiwanese clay with his hands. Long periods of wood-firing result in works that are simple in style and natural in shape. By bringing art into the ordinary, he enhances our enjoyment of life.

Slowly kneading Taiwanese clay and moulding the work into shape is followed by the initial bisque firing. He then applies a feldspar glaze and wood fires again at 1200° for 70 hours, thereby allowing wood ash to fall naturally and blend with the glaze. The work’s surface will be composed of a variety of layers of bright, matte, crystallised, or flowing surfaces. The unique charm of Wei-cheng’s surfaces is akin to freehand-style Chinese landscape painting or abstract art.

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