Stream Studio

Taiwanese Ceramicist: Tang, Ya-Wen | Wei, Po-Jen

Stream Studio’s works have unique glazes and textures.
Stream Studio

The Stream Studio artists have lived near the river for a long time. It has become their source of energy and nutrition, just as it has provided for the resources such as water, sand, soil and minerals. Over a long time, the ‘Gentle River’ condenses its waters into the utensils they make. Stream Studio is especially attentive to texture and touch. Experiencing their work is like touching stones on the shore or moss blanketing rock walls in the mountains. Their aim is to bring out the creativity inherent in the raw materials they use.

The glazes and clays they use for the most part are developed and prepared by the Stream Studio artists themselves because only they understand how different compositions will affect the way their pottery ultimately looks. Good results require experimentation over long periods of time. And because their pottery features a variety of textures, they are committed to using everyday things such as dishrags and kitchen tongs in the quest for creating different textures.

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