Melody Emi Brunton

Emi Ceramics

Melody Emi Brunton creates handmade ceramics for the everyday.
Melody Emi Brunton

Working from a small studio on Gundungurra Land, Melody works through the tactile expression of clay- seeking to create works celebrating organic materials and giving them expression through functional ware. The interplay of organic material, the elements and the human hand in the ceramic practice is akin to the synergy we need to carry in the world that we live in - a gentle harmony and respect between the human and the natural earth. Her works also carry influence from her Japanese cultural background extending from her maternal side of the family. The principle of honouring handmade wares in their utilitarian yet crafted beauty is very resonant in her work.

“Even the common articles made for daily use become endowed with beauty when they are loved.”― Soetsu Yanagi, The Beauty of Everyday Things

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