Jui-Chu, Wang

Taiwanese Ceramicist

Jui-Chu Wang is a potter who uses clay to construct space.
Jui-Chu, Wang

Jui-Chu's architectural studies in Taiwan, combined with the craft aesthetics she acquired studying ceramics in Japan, have given her an intimate feel for clay, a feel which lends quietude and solidity to the objects she makes.

Jui-Chu explores the inherent limitations of the pottery technique by restricting herself to two simple methods: working with clay wedges and hand-pinching.

She integrates an architect's feel for space with Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetics to create a new setting for ceramic utensils in everyday life. By using monochrome grey-black-white, she hopes to infuse her work with a tranquillity that contrasts with the brighter colours of life.

Jui-Chu draws inspiration from everyday life and her travels. On her journeys, she records her experiences in notebooks or with photographs. And although these may be elusive, fragmentary images, they serve as the wellspring for her creative inspiration.

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